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Note from Joe: Here’s another example of great poetry that would be missed by “serious” students of poetry, because it appears at first glance to be childish and silly. It’s anything but. Read it slowly and carefully, and I promise it’ll hit you. Right in the heart. You’ve been warned.

Super Hero

I think I’d like to fly
In an invisible plane,
With a long red cape covering
A skimpy outfit (a motif of red white and blue),
Wearing shiny reflective bracelets
To reflect bullets and death rays
And venomous words.
And wielding a rope of extraordinary strength.

I think I’d like to fly
Down upon some unsuspecting villains,
Spin around three times
And shock them with my wit and charm,
Not to mention my earth shattering high kick.

I’ll have unsurpassing balance
And a heart mixed of steel and gold.
I’ll walk along a 12th story ledge
To save the damsel in distress.
All while I battle evil men and helicopters.

I won’t worry about a relationship.
Who has time for being social when your occupation is
Saving the world?

And somehow, year after year,
I’ll win (cuz I’m the good guy)
And they’ll lose (cuz they’re not).

And through it all I’ll never tire,
Never take a vacation.
And my makeup will be perfect
And I’ll never break a nail
And you’ll never break my heart
Cuz I’ll have too many things to do.
Perhaps I’ll never have met you.

I think I’d like to fly
Through the air with amazing speed.
Strong yet feminine,
Wondrous and a woman.

Wonder Woman

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