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The “Lost” HP Goodies

The HP Cable Table

Entry Point Cross Index  •  The Rainbow Effect

Remove Your Screen Cover  •  Flaky Keys

Crummy Rubber Keys  •  Upside-Down Keys

New Thinner Model!

HP48G / HP49G
Supported Entry Point
Cross Index

Last updated 24 Sept 1999

Useful for translating between HP48G and HP49G.
All three versions below are identical in content,
but are sorted differently for your convenience.

WARNING: Use at own risk.
Neither Hewlett Packard Company
nor Joseph K. Horn support this
data in any way whatsoever,
nor accept any responsibility
for the results of its use,
nor answer any questions about it.
You’re on your own. Have fun.

Alphabetical Order
by Entry Point Name

Use this one if you
know the name of
the entry point.

Plain Text (175K)

Zipped (60K)

HP48G Hex Address Order

Use this one if you are
translating 48G to 49G.

Plain Text (175K)

Zipped (53K)

HP49G Hex Address Order

Use this one if you are
translating 49G to 48G.

Plain Text (175K)

Zipped (53K)

Get All Three in One Zipfile (165K)

The HP49G
Rainbow Effect
Picture Gallery
If you like the way this looks,
you’ll love the HP49G!

Remove Your Screen Cover!

One way to fix problems with the screen cover is to remove it! I pulled mine off with a big suction cup and replaced it with a piece of black plastic cut from an old 8-inch floppy disk! An HP appliqué (ripped off an old power supply) adds the final touch. Check it out! No rainbow, no scratches, no dust accumulation, and very readable due to excellent display contrast, as you can see here:
HP49G with Screen Cover Removed

HP49G with Screen Cover Removed

HP49G with Screen Cover Removed

Flaky Keys

The keys of the HP49G are printed, not molded. The printing process sometimes leaves tiny bubbles in the ink. As the user presses the keys, these bubbles soon break open and flake off, resulting in uglification as seen below:
Flaky ENTER key
If this happens to your HP49G, return it for an exchange before your one-year warranty expires. This problem is covered by the warranty.
High-res close-up (88K) of just the “ENTER” above.

Crummy Rubber Keys

As you can see above, HP’s claim that these crummy rubber keys
will last forever is a steaming pile of horse feathers.
Click here or on the image above for a whole page (image intensive)
of evidence that the HP49G’s keyboard is an abomination.

Upside-Down Keys

The keys are printed after they are installed in the HP49G. This is the reason that many HP49G’s with upside-down keys slip through quality control; the printing is rightside up, but the key underneath the printing is upside down. Look at the red lines I added to these images to accentuate the matched and unmatched edges:

Correctly-installed MODE
key: all the edges match.
Upside-down MODE key:
the edges don’t match.

If your HP49G has any upside-down keys, don’t worry; it shouldn’t impair the calculator’s operation in any way. If, however, you wish to exchange your HP49G for a new one which has no upside-down keys, you may do so as long as your warranty is still good.

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