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Jim Donnelly’s “Gray Book”

Jim Donnelly (HP48 design team member) wrote a book in 1995 entitled An Introduction to HP 48 System RPL and Assembly Language Programming, popularly known among HP48 and HP49 hackers as “The Gray Book” because the cover is gray and the real title is too long to remember. Jim has graciously given his permission for the entire book (in PDF form, completely re-typeset by Eric Rechlin), and the disk that came with it, to be made freely available on the Web. They are all in one ZIP file, along with all of the batch files and meta files you’ll need if you’re using a PC-based assembler. Just click the book's title above to download the whole package.

HP48 Goodies Disk Project

The “Goodies Disk Project” made sense when the only medium for HP48 software exchange was the HP BBS (often described as “frustrating and expensive”). As access to the comp.sys.handhelds newsgroup (and later comp.sys.hp48) became cheaper and easier than access to HP’s BBS, the need for a disk-based archive of HP48 goodies declined. Nowadays practically everybody has Web access, and Eric Rechlin’s HP48 Archive web site is so well maintained that the Goodies Disk Project is unnecessary. Even HP finally removed the Goodies Disks from their website.

It was fun, but to tell the truth, browsing the Web and Eric’s HP48 Archive is even more fun!  -jkh-

NOTE: The contents of all eleven HP48 Goodies Disks can be downloaded from Eric Rechlin’s HP48 Archive site.

Dedicated to All
HP48 Enthusiasts

It’s genetic. My uncle Henry Horn was editor of HP’s Key Notes magazine before I even knew that HP existed.

Remember PPC? Enjoy a flashback to some of its most memorable articles.

Check out the Flags and Anthems of the countries where the greatest HP48 enthusiasts live!

HP48 Links

There are so many other HP48 websites all interlinked that adding another pageful of links would be redundantly redundant. Here are a couple that’ll get you started.

Eric Rechlin’s HP28/38/48/49 Archive, the #1 site for downloading HP goodies!

Many enthusiastsí sites can be found on the “HP48 Web Ring”.

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