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Joe’s Prime Pix Gallery
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by Joe Horn

The HP Prime is called a "Graphing Calculator" but it can do more than calculate! Can YOUR "calculator" display full-color images like this?

Here's a gallery of 162 killer images for you to load into your HP Prime and show to your friends. Just be careful that they don't steal your Prime after seeing what it can do!

All 162 images in this gallery are shown exactly as they appear on the LCD of the HP Prime. In fact, they are screen captures from an HP Prime.

Left-click on the image below to download the HPPRGM program that displays it on your Prime, or right-click it to save it as a PNG file.

The HP Prime tends to display gradients not smoothly but with streaks due to its need to reduce the number of colors from 16 million to 32 thousand. At the end of this gallery is a complete explanation with examples of how to solve the color-reduction problem in the HP Prime. The technique shown there was already performed on all the images in this gallery, so you don't have to. In fact, most of these images were chosen for their difficulty of being shown well on the Prime. The rest were chosen either because I think they look good or because they make me smile.

To download the HPPRGM file which displays one of these gallery images on your HP Prime, just left-click the image. Save it on your hard disk somewhere. Then run the Connectivity Kit, and drag & drop the HPPRGM file onto your Prime. That's all it takes!

If you’d rather download the whole kit and caboodle at once, here are all 162 pix (plus 6 extras from the color-reduction page) in one zipfile:
 All 162+6 HPPGRM files for the HP Prime (16.2 MB) 
 All 162+6 PNG files for your computer (13.4 MB) 

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1: Abbey Road

2: "Misty Mood Night"
by Leonid Afremov: https://afremov.com

3: Sea Anemone

4: Apache upside down

5: Bart

6: Benjy

7: Future Biker

8: Blue Eyes

9: Blue Marble

10: Sunset Sailing

11: Cat’s Eyes #1

12: Cat’s Eyes #2

13: Cat Woman

14: Centaur

15: Calvin & Hobbes #1

16: Calvin & Hobbes #2

17: Calvin & Hobbes #3

18: Calvin & Hobbes #4

19: Calvin & Hobbes #5

20: Calvin & Hobbes #6

21: Calvin & Hobbes #7

22: Calvin & Hobbes #8

23: Calvin & Hobbes #9

24: Calvin & Hobbes #10

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