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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia


x  y    x*y
x  'name'    x_name  
x  'expr'    x_expr  

Not in HP-28

Keyboard Access:
   HP48: RS-
HP49/50: RS-
Attach Unit function.

Attaches a number to a unit name. Intended to be used for the creation of unit objects, such as  (two inches).

Note: The  (underline) function acts like (multiplication) if the input is two real numbers, or a name and a number. If the second argument is a name or an algebraic, it is ’d and turned into a unit (if possible) before the multiplication is performed. Examples:


HP49/50 oddity (in exact mode only!):
      (a real, same as HP48)
      (an integer! strange.)

Pressing the key turns on algebraic mode. To turn it back off, either press the ENTRY key (RS-ALPHA) or perform any operation that is not allowed inside an algebraic expression.

BYTES: 2.5