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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia

(“To Algebraic”)

   meta_object    'expr'
composite_object    'expr'  

HP49/50 only
Unsupported: Library 256

Keyboard Access:
256.02 MENU
APPS uparrow ENTER NXT (only if library 256 is attached)
“To algebraic” command. Creates an algebraic object from a meta-object or from a composite object. Caution: if the input does not constitute a properly formed algebraic object in RPN notation, the results are unpredictable; anything from a harmless to a Memory Clear may occur.

 can be used as a “translate from RPN to ALG” utility if the input is an RPN sequence in a list, in a meta-object, or in a program object without the usual  delimiters.


     (list to algebraic)
     (meta-object to algebraic)
The inverse operation (translate from ALG to RPN) can be done with the , , and commands.


      (six separate objects on stack; an RPN meta-object)
      (RPN in list form)
      (RPN as a single program object without delimiters)
See also: , ,

BYTES: 5.5
XLIB 256 11