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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia


X  Y      X+Y
[array] [array]    [array]       
 { obj1 obj2 obj3 ... } object    { obj1 obj2 obj3 ... object }
 object { obj1 obj2 obj3 ... }    { object obj1 obj2 obj3 ... }
{ objects1 }  { objects2 }    { objects1 objects2 }    
Keyboard Access (all models): the key.

Add, anlytic function. Adds anything that is compatible for addition, and concatenates lists and strings.

HP48G/49/50: Unlike the other arithmetic operators,  does not perform automatic list processing. If given two lists, it concatenates the lists, and if given a list and some other object, it appends the object to one end of the list (depending on the order of the inputs). To perform addition list processing on two lists (or one list and one other object), use the ADD function instead of  .

 handles strings in the same way as it handles lists, concatenating them or other objects to them, depending on stack order, as expected. If the arguments are a list and a string, the string is appended to one end of the list, as described above. Examples (HP48 in STD mode; HP49/50 in Exact Mode):

HP49/50 maximum integer inputs: no limit.

BYTES: 2.5