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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia


        X  Y    X/Y
[N-vector] [[N×N-matrix]]    [N-vector]      
[[1×N-matrix]] [[N×N-matrix]]    [[1×N-matrix]]      
Keyboard Access (all models): the key.
Also, in HP49G+/50G: RS+NUM.SLV SYS

Division, analytic function.

Matrix shortcut: Since a/b is mathematically identical to (1/b)*a, HP allows the use of  as a shortcut for matrix multiplication by an inverse. If you have two matrices on the stack (or an array and a matrix), you can just press (instead of 1/X SWAP * ) to do such things as solve systems of linear equations.

Example: Solve this system of linear equations:
This means that x=5 and y=9. This works for any number of variables; just divide the constants by the coefficients to find the solutions.

HP49/50 maximum integer inputs: no limit.

BYTES: 2.5