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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia

+/– (key)

Keyboard name for the NEG function.

The +/– key’s behavior depends on what you’re doing. If you’re editing a number, it changes the sign of its mantissa or exponent, depending on where the cursor is. If you are editing an algebraic expression, it changes the sign of the subexpression that the cursor is on. If you are editing anything and the cursor is on or after a  or  sign, it changes it to the other one. Finally, if you’re not editing a number or algebraic expression, it performs the  function.

In most input forms, pressing +/– instead of CHOOSE cycles through the available choices, and pressing +/– instead of CHK toggles the highlighted option on/off.

If your HP49G does not UNDO a , you have an obsolete ROM version; upgrade to the latest HP49G ROM to eliminate this bug.

HP49/50 maximum integer input: no limit.

See NEG for more details.

BYTES: 2.5