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The Compleat User RPL Encyclopedia

2D/3D (key)

HP49/50 only, non-programmable key

Launches the Plot Setup input form. The first field in the input form selects the plot type, which determines the other plotting option fields shown on the screen. See each plot type’s entry in the CURE for details about it.

If you used an HP48G/GX before getting your HP49/50, you will recognize the 2D/3D screen; it’s similar to the “PLOT Application” lauched by RS-PLOT on the HP48G/GX. However, if you preferred the HP48G/GX’s menu-based commands for setting plotting options, launched by LS-PLOT, you can obtain the same menu on the HP49/50 by doing 81 .

N.B. The 2D/3D key on the HP49/50 has nothing to do with the 2D and 3D keys on the HP48.